Objectification of Women in the Music Industry

Educate Yourself About the Music Industry's Portrayal of Women as Sex Objects

The music industry has portrayed and continues to portray women only as sex objects.  From music videos to to lyrics, women are objectified and seen for no more than their physical features.  The music industry, specifically hip hop and pop music, doesn't refer to a woman's personality through songs and videos but the size of her breasts and buttox.  This then leads buyers of the music to buy into negative female stereotypes (Vanegas 1).  These stereotypes are both the cause and result of obectification in the music industry.

Below is the music video, "TIp Drill"  by Nelly, that contains women being portrayed as sex objects.
Hip Hop specifically has gotten so sexual in its music videos that it is being turned into pornography.  "Over the past few months the Playboy channels have been targerting urban audiences.  In early October, all hiphop.com reported rapper Nelly will be turning his infamous 'Tip Drill' video into a full length adult movie" (Ford 1). The music video below is so close to porn that it is actually going to be converted into porn.  Women are being portrayed as sex objects occur in an industry that is exposed to people of all ages.  I was able to get this video off of YouTube very easily.
When watching this video, please take note  of what the artist is trying to send, if there is a message in the first place.  Also observe the age of the women in the video, they don't seem old enough to be even called women.  It is even mentioned  in the video that most of the girls are 16, some younger.
When watching this video I am filled with disgust.  The song itself, is very repetative and the song is only famous for its graphic video.
Please note that this music video is not sutiable for children.
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