Objectification of Women in the Music Industry

The Solution

Music's objectification of women is a problem in the media and is affecting society and needs to be stopped.  There are a number of ways to fight against the music industry.

1. Motivate women to be apart of the music industry.  This indsutry is dominated by men, the male gaze is a problem because men are attracted to a women's sexuality and believe an audience is to.

How can this become reality?  Have organizations and support groups for women who want to one day become producers, directors and executives.  Motivation is key.

2. Stop having women being pressured to change who they are in order to to be famous and successful.

How? The female artists themselves need to take a stand to record companies and realize that the record companies need them to be succesful, not the other way around.  Without these artists record compaines would be nothing, if the female singers take a stand they record companies will give in. 

 3.  Help young women with their self esteem.  Create organizations that do just this.

Why?  Music isn't the only form of media that represents women as sex objects, and because of this girls start to question if their beautiful, why they don't look a certain way and what they can do to change their body into something that it wasn't meant to be.  Which leads to plastic surgery and eating disorders.  It also leads women to believe that all they have to offer society is their bodies, which is one of the reasons why objectification occurs.    

These are solutions that take a big movement.  But what can one individual do?

There are organizations such as National Organization for Women (NOW) that can always use support.  There is also Women in Music an organization already helping young women with step one of the solution.  Support these groups and one makes a difference. 

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