Objectification of Women in the Music Industry

The Effect

 There are multiple ways the portrayal of women as sex objects affects society.  But the most affected are young girls. Here are four examples.

-Causes young women to feel inseucure about their bodies.  Studies show that when female singers started to get breasts implants and other plastic surgery, there was a 50% increase of teens getting these same procedures (What's the problem? Facts about girls, women and media 3).  Self esteem of young girls go down.

-Men begin to see all females as sex objects (Peters 6). This causes men to look down on women which causes sexual harrasment, domestic violence and disrespect.

-Women will begin to see their bodies as the only thing that they have to offer in exchange for money (Penn 3).  Objectification of women is in an industry that gets so many positive reactions it has women thinking that men are only attracted to their sexuality

-Causes young girls to sexualize themselves unaware of what that they are because they see female artists who are their role models dressing very sexy (Peters 6).  Its one thing for Beyonce or the Pussycat Dolls who or in their twenties to be wearing certian clothes that focuses the attention on their body because they are aware that this is what their outfit is doing.  But for young girls who are following their idols they are unaware of how inappropiate it is for someone their age to be wearing such a revealing outfit.

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